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We sat down with some leaders in the business community of biohazard restoration which is commonly referred to as crime scene cleanup, to discuss a very important top of salaries and wages. As many of you may of seen with recent news coverage discussing the high wages and salary of some of the professionals in this business. We decided to take a deeper look into this controversial business and see exactly what are the wages like and do they really deserve these high salaries.

First we decided to get on the record with some of the owners of a crime scene cleanup company in USA to find out if the wages we are hearing about are accurate. What we discovered will surprise you and may make you want to look for crime scene cleanup jobs in USA. First, there are a few ways people are paid when they work from crime scene cleanup companies. One is by hourly pay and the average hourly pay is starting at $11 a hour and can easily get as high as $25 a hour with experience. Some people in a company may opt for a crime scene cleanup salary because they are looking for more benefits like health care and home child care. With a salaried position you may have more responsibilities and could be looking at a supervisory position. With a supervisors jobs you could be getting paid a salary anywhere from $40k to start to over $70,000 plus benefits.


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Although, we should emphasis that the pay for anyone doing crime scene cleanup in USA may vary drastically. As many people have pointed out to us, not all companies are the big gorillas in the industry. Small companies just starting out may demand more for less, but they may do other things to keep employees and contractors happy. One company we talked to will even provide small amounts of ownership which can add up over time as a way to really get people interested in employment.
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